You don’t want a social media account like eeeeeeeveryone else’s.

Because you’re not like everyone else.
You want an outstanding social media platform that shines, and puts bums in seats.

You want beautiful content that really represents the magic you bring to your cafe, restaurant, brewery or holistic online food business.

I don’t JUST do content creation. I started off as a nutritionist and food blogger. And I guess I still am 🙂

But I don’t consider myself a regular nutritionist.

I eat raw liver. I love espresso. Cocktails CAN be nutritious. Kale is sometimes my favourite thing — other times makes me gag. I’m overindulgent but I do it in the healthiest way possible.

I like to live, eat, breath a good life. And that includes LOVING WHAT I DO FOR A LIVING. And now I do!

Eating healthy and knowing where my food comes from is insanely important — but I don’t let it turn me into a psycho no one wants to hang out with. And I’m no smoothie-pusher. But…

I like smoothies — and only if they taste really good. So I’ve made some healthy ones for you to fall in love with, too.

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The image above is a hint at the very first of the series you can expect.

It’s all about guilt-free dining. It’s way less boring than it sounds haha. I’m on the hunt to discover the tastiest things that also happen to be pretty damn good for you.

There is nothing wrong with eating and drinking and enjoying yourself — and still feeling good about it.

It’s coming soon. In the meantime:


Have a boo and a chuckle (and snag some good recipes while you’re at it) and check out my archived Online Dating Adventure Series — where is pair up wild and crazy dates with some pretty delicious recipes.

You ask. I answer.

I STILL write for the nutrition part of my blog, once in awhile, because… WHY NOT?!

I have so much to say…

So…ask all of the food, cooking, nutrition b.s., and relationship with food questions you have burning inside you.
If you don’t want an honest answer…or you don’t have a sense of humour… you’re best not to ask. Otherwise…