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You may not think you need a social media or a content creation person, BUT…

Social media is a MUST if you own a food business.

That’s because:

  • If you’re not on social media then you are behind

This is how it works now, even if you haven’t needed it in the past. Advertising using older methods is less effective and incredibly expensive.

  • Everyone is heading to social media to visually choose their next meal

This means you need a TON of gorgeous images.

  • You want control over how people see your brand

You don’t want to leave it up to some negative YELP review or a customer’s subpar images.

Maybe your social media isn’t consistent, doesn’t look or sound very good, your team isn’t motivated to get on board.

You can’t justify a focus on social media because it’s difficult to measure results.

Suddenly becoming a social media expert, food photographer and writer is also a huge time investment — and very overwhelming. Your world is busy and you need to concentrate on the magic you bring to each table. You don’t need the extra stress.

Focus on what you’re great at — and let me bring you the results.

I know how to capture beautiful, delicious-looking food images because I have a deep passion for food, and understand how to capture the heart of a dish — (as well as a food brand).

With over 25 years of experience within this industry, I understand the language and lifestyle of a restaurant or food & beverage establishment. I’ve come to understand what makes a food establishment tick — and I know my way around.

I have years of experience creating juicy food images that make customer’s mouths water. The past ten years I have been nutrition-food blogging, creating gorgeous, visually interactive nutrition programs, cookbooks, and run my own social media accounts. This has helped me developed a deep passion for creating mouth-watering content — and made me very good at it.

My world has always centred around food — and I have a multitude of experience beyond the restaurant and online nutrition world:

—> Extensively eating and cooking all over, while travelling and living throughout the world

—> Managing a massive organic farm, farm market, culinary kid camps, and harvest events

—> Organizing large food events and festivals

—> Planning and leading cooking classes

—> Teaching essential food photography skills and social media marketing to nutrition students at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

—> I had my own TV show on preparing kid lunches

—> I’ve been interview multitudes of times on CBC radio

I take a mature approach to what you need, from the experience I have gained. And I’m on trend enough to speak the right language. I am the “ultimate foodie”. I relate to it, and understand ingredients. I understand what is delicious because I know what people want to eat.

And besides…working with me is fun! (Because a good sense of humour is everything.)

“Sara Bradford is a social media genius. She channels my thoughts and represents my brand in exactly the right way every time. Considering the varied styles of each of our three properties I am always amazed at how she keeps each individual voice and style so unique to each space while simultaneously maintaining an overall brand cohesion. Highly recommend.”

Owner at Ramshackle Industries
Red Rabbit, Okazu 85, Old Man and Son

“Sara has been brilliant to work with these past few months. I am especially happy with the beautiful content she has created for my brand. She has truly captured the look, vibe and beauty I feel represents us… and her expertise has clearly brought us so much more business we consider her invaluable. I would definitely recommend.”

Owner at Edison’s Cafe Bar

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