Social Content Creation & Management

Let me do the hard part…

Do you own a cafe, restaurant, bar or brewery?

Are you a blogger, nutritionist or work in holistic health (online or not)?

Do you want mouth watering images to help sell your brand, copy written that entices people to choose YOU over every other choice? Better yet…do you want to hand over the management so you can create the magic you’re good at, and leave the rest for me?

I want to create images and write copy for your social media accounts. I want to manage your accounts, if you don’t have time, experience, or desire. 

The worst thing you can do is ignore that it needs to happen and pretend that customers and clients will magically appear.

Interested in learning more? Contact me here! I will send you a beautiful proposal and some food for thought…

A Ghost-Writer In Your Kitchen

Feeling pressure to provide amazing recipes and interesting content?

Whether it’s for your blog… a newsletter for your clients or patients… a mini cookbook for your food program?

I happen to love developing recipes and writing copy. And I also happen to be good at it.

Whether you’ve created a specialized program you want to call yours that needs good recipes, or you have a blog that takes you hours and hours to write one post for… let me help you along. 

OH: And I also take food photos and run social media accounts. Just saying!

Contact me here to find out what I can offer you, to remove some of that creative stress, so you can focus on what you do best.