I am Sara Bradford. And I have a secret…

Even though I worked online as a nutritionist for almost ten years, I have worked in the restaurant industry for ALMOST THIRTY YEARS. In and out, but yes. What a crazy fact. It’s an industry I’ve fallen in love with, over and over.

So when I recognized that my passion for the food, photography, writing part of my business wasn’t enough to keep me working anymore as a food mentor… and when I no longer felt an alignment with the world of “holistic nutrition” — I knew it was time to make a big shift.

Boy am I glad I did. Woot.

What started me on the road to opening a food-based content creation business and social media management is the same road that took me to opening an online nutrition business.

I love to create content. I particularly love to create food-related content. And I’m darn good at it.

I’ve been involved in the food industry almost my entire life. And I’ve been affected by food in all sorts of ways. My earliest memories include sitting in our massive garden patch, discover sour flavours of rhubarb and sweetness of carrots, dirt and all. Tearing open pea pods and collecting straight into my mouth. Watching my mom turn everything into magic. Rejecting animal flesh from a young age, when I discovered what it really was — then coming full circle at my bone broth cooking classes. Discovering ingredients, like mangos and avocado, for the very first time. Learning to cook by voraciously reading (at the time, vegetarian) cookbooks.

My first job, aged 13, in a take-out pizza restaurant. And it continued from there…

I grew up in a Cheez Whiz culture, where everyone brought peanut butter white bread sandwiches to school… and wagon wheels… and leftover KFC. It was different in our house. Everything was made there. And as annoyed as I was about it then, I’m equally grateful for it now. 

My love of real food has been ingrained. 

It’s not a surprise I ended up dividing my adult life between learning about the best wines to sell to patrons, studying nutrition and building a strong reputation around healthy eating knowledge, and even writing cookbooks and recipe-developing my pants off. 

I’ve gone on to do a crazy amount of food-related things:

  • host a school lunch cooking show
  • run a successful online food program for over seven years
  • create and organize several food festivals 
  • write and maintain a blog for years, and to this day
  • run multiple cooking classes
  • author of multiple digital cookbooks
  • work in many restaurants

And now… I going to keep going. But this time I’m helping make YOUR food-related business a massive success. Through content creation and social media management.

I’ve left the world of nutrition behind for now.

Maybe not in my life. But certainly as a business. 

I’m switching gears ENTIRELY and making a full swing over to the world of food content creation.

That means that I want to help:

  • make your social media accounts beautiful and smart 
  • better represented brand 
  • get you more clients and customers


Contact me HERE for your beautiful proposal and to get your questions answered.

Eat real food.

Learn how to cook — and do it to an awesome food prep playlist.

Discover what emotionally and creatively fills you up — and do it in abundance. 

Don’t stay miserable so others can be happy.

Eat indulgently — just don’t do it 100% of the time.

Eat seasonally and skip the bullshit fad diets. PLEASE! 

Only you can fill yourself up. 

You don’t need me anymore.

I rest my head at night knowing I have done everything in the food and nutrition world with total integrity. 

Real food is medicine. But so is chilling out, falling in love, leaving a shitty marriage (if necessary), sometimes having children, an amazing cup of coffee. daily walks in fresh air, a really good poop, fresh water.

I’m still here but I’m doing other non-nutrition-related things now. Woot!

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