I am Sara Bradford. And I have a secret…

I am a “registered holistic nutritionist”. And sometimes…I DO NOT believe in holistic nutrition. (Or at least when it is being misrepresented.)

There! I said it. 

What? That doesn’t make sense, does it? Well…it kinda does.

You see… after all my experimenting and crazy experiences, I come from a place of knowledge. At least sort of. And what I DO know is that my expertise is in food. FOOD! Delicious, tasty, seasonal, inspiring food — and also how you digest it.

I’m not here to “cure” or “diagnose” or “fix/treat”. Only you can do that. Unless you’re really ill and maybe only a doctor can do that alongside you. If you meet a holistic nutritionist who tells you they can do any of those things, and ESPECIALLY if it involves signing up to sell oils, or take a bunch of supplements they aren’t qualified to give you, then run. RUN!!!!!!

I believe in food. Delicious food.

I believe that love, self-love, world love is about a million times more powerful than anything you put in your mouth.

I believe that cocktails can have nutrition, too. That gluten isn’t evil. That lard isn’t evil. That tofu can taste good, but is often evil for me because it makes me feel like a ball of poo (and why eat it when meat is actually healthier).

I rest my head at night knowing I have done everything in the food and nutrition world with total integrity. But that at one point I, too, went head first into a world where “healthy” living was making me as unhealthy as possible.

Do you know what orthorexia is? Look it up. That was me.

I’m not here to convince anyone of anything. What I’m here for is to provide you with food prep, cooking, ingredient inspiration, and truth. (And maybe an awesome meal prep playlist.) Preparing food is magical. If it doesn’t feel that way to you, let’s figure out a way to make that happen.

I want you to fall in love with ingredients. I want you to fall in love with hard-working farmers who live with integrity. I want you to fall in love with yourself, because I’m slowly learning that most people don’t really love themselves all that much, and they want a magic little pill, or an entire chocolate cake, or a ridiculous raw vegan diet, or something to fill themselves up.

Only you can fill yourself up. You just maybe haven’t figured out how yet. You can. You will.

I did.

Also: Fuck you supplement companies and protein powder companies and “superfood” companies and fad gyms. Shame on you for ripping people off.

Also also: Real food is medicine. So is chilling the hell out. So is falling in love. So is leaving a shitty marriage. So is having children (sometimes). So is an amazing cup of coffee. So is a daily walk in the fresh air. So is really delicious fresh water.

So is balance. Period.

If you’re a woman tired of nutrition bullshit (and don’t mind a little sailor mouth) then I’m your bullshit-free food resource. Haha.

Something was beginning to make me mental. And I had to do something about it. It’s really hard to ignore when you know what I know. And it was directly involved in the NUTRITION AND CLEANSING INDUSTRY.

So many “do’s” and “don’t” with no real guidance and nothing to inspire these changes. So many women setting out with good intentions. “I’m going to change my life with this detox or fad diet. It’s going to be amazing. It’s going to fix everything.” And then they end up worse than where they started. There are safe, smart, delicious ways to do things — and dangerous, dumb ways. Some silly “cleanse” shouldn’t leave you more depleted than when you started.


So… I created this (in my humble opinion) awesome program, which I run seasonally — and have for years, with hundreds and hundreds of people participating, and returning again and again.

I, too, have sat through eating not-delicious gruel, and feeling awful all the while — and WORSE afterwards. As a food fanatic, a mom, a busy entrepreneur — I know how tough it is sometimes to find the right way to eat. It can feel impossible. I also went through my OWN health scare. And I was doing all the things I was “supposed to”. But just got sicker. That was a real eye opener!! My “journey back” taught me a whoooooooole lot about this industry.

Real food tastes good — if you know what you’re doing. (Which I guess is where I come in.)

Doing any kind of food-type-program should be as fantastic as it’ll make you feel afterwards. I’ve learned from traveling and parenthood… Life is about the JOURNEY, as much as the DESTINATION. Your food journey should be NO DIFFERENT.

The Community Dumps are special. This is not a cleanse. It’s a community. It’s about loving yourself enough to eat yummy shit. It’s that simple, really.

Because guilt will not win. It’s time to find some balance. And I’m here to help you. Follow me on my journey as I teach you how to BURN your SUPERMOM CAPE for good, discover how beautiful real food really is, find your tribe of warriors right here, and get yourself on the most life-changing community group DUMP you can find. xo!

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