Making whey the “easy” way, (so you can ferment things,) is so super easy it’ll blow your mind. This is ALSO how you can turn regular yogurt into greek yogurt. So you’re making two recipes at once. HOORAY.

So what is whey?

Whey is essentially the leftovers from making cheese and/or yogurt (in this case, yogurt). It is the liquid left behind when straining yogurt, to thicken it… and it’s the moisture expelled from the cheese curd, when milk has coagulated to form cheese.

Why is making whey good for you?

It contains wonderful bacterial properties (the same you find in the yogurt you’re straining), it contains calcium and other vitamins and minerals, it’s high in amino acids (protein), and low in fat. FULL of good things.

It’s ALSO good for you, because you can use it to go on a make other healthy things.

What do you use it for?

I use whey for fermenting SPECIFIC things. Though it’ll work as a starter for fermenting vegetables (like sauerkraut), I do NOT use whey for this. It can result in a mushier end-product, and has become a no-no for veg fermenting. Instead, salt it is the perfect thing to start your veg ferments.

I do use it, however, to help ferment wonderful things like chutneys, condiments, and various fizzy drinks.

What ELSE is it used for?

  • Most commonly processed into a concentrated form for adding to protein powder and protein bars
  • To break down phytic acid when soaking grains and beans
  • For cooking grains and beans, partially in place of the water or cooking liquid
  • To make other foods, including dairy products like traditionally-made ricotta
  • To add richness to certain dishes, like curry
  • Fed to livestock

Does the source of the yogurt (for making whey) matter?


The source is everything. And the source, in this case, is what ALSO makes it easy peasy. (yogurt)

I like using yogurt made from raw milk. HOMEMADE YOGURT RECIPE HERE. Often it needs to be strained anyway, in order to make it thicker.

But feel free to use any quality yogurt you have access to. Organic, non-homogenized or high fat is optimal. No fillers. Make sure it’s unsweetened.

Use whey in the following fermented recipes: Lacto-Fermented Mayo, Fermented Honey Bourbon Sour, Thanksgiving Chutney coming soon, Fall Fermented Sangria coming soon, Lact0-Fermented Ketchup coming soon

And follow the instruction below, to have whey for making these wonderful things, in as short a time as 30 minutes.