It is an art. The art of real food fermentation. Otherwise known as lacto-fermentation. An art form ANYONE can access or develop skill in. And it’s gorgeous.

Real food fermentation (lacto-fermentation) is gorgeous for all sorts of reasons. Gone are the days we associate sauerkraut with stinkiness and sausages. The word is out. We now know that these mystery foods are so good for you and SO EASY TO MAKE.

Fall is such an excellent time for the art of real food fermentation. Lacto-fermentation has been used for countless years as a preservation method. And with harvest in abundance, nothing goes to waste if it’s being preserved properly. There are loads of ways to preserve, but this one is perhaps the BEST for your health.

I’M SO EXCITED… This is the beginning of my ferment series. Today I’ll discuss why fermenting is so important. But I hope to share with you how simple this is to tackle. And provide the step-by-steps to give you confidence. Then there’s no stopping you, really.

Making kimchi in my Mortier Pilon crock

Making kimchi in my Mortier Pilon crock

I have to tell you… my enthusiasm for fermented foods has always been there. But I’ve gotten lazy about making it the last couple of years. Accessing pre-done, beautiful fermented food has recently become easier and easier. (Which is amazing.) The issue with buying over making, though, is THE COST. It’s terribly expensive. Eghads. And it’s too easy to let our budgets go mad, with food costs on the rise. I’ve been looking for more ways to save AND eat healthy.

But I needed something to RE-inspire me. Get me back in the fermenting game. Something that would make things straight-forward, easy and awesome.

Mortier Pilon has come out with a fermenting jar line that will remove all the homemade fermenting doubts from your mind — by giving you the perfect vessel to ferment in, offering sizes that are reasonable (instead of massive crocks), and providing all the tools you need — nothing more, nothing less. Their simple instructions, and delightful recipes, help you realize your fermenting potential. I’m simply in love. And it’s a CANADIAN COMPANY. Wahoooo!

I first used their products last fall, while getting excited about Kombucha. And now I’ve gone FERMENT BANANAS. Sauerkraut, kimchi, fermented condiments and veggies, beverages. I’m going to be featuring their products as I go forward. (*I am not an affiliate. Simply a fan.)

(You should know: While quantities last, if people spend $40 or more on MP products they will receive the cookbook FREE valued at $29.95!!! And Bradshaws is featured in the LCBO Food & Drink Magazine with MP this season.)

Why is fermenting so fab?! What makes it an art? Why is it gorgeous?

Weeeell… it’s mostly about “the gut”. Your gut. Your gutsy parts. Read more about that here: Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Gut Happy & Healthy

Why Eat Fermented Foods


The art of real food fermentation stimulates the acid in the stomach, needed to properly break down protein, allowing nutrients to be assimilated.

  • It breaks down certain types of carbohydrates that are difficult to digest
  • Cabbage contains polysaccharides that causes intestinal gas, but that is broken down by fermenation
  • Pasteurized milk lacks enzymes to break down lactose but is pre-digested in fermented milk (yogurt, kefir)


  • A healthy gut = healthy immune system (90% of your immune system lives there)
  • The lining of gut is actually part of your immune system (like lymphatic system, thymus, appendix)
  • A healthy gut keeps foreign invaders from entering your bloodstream — including viruses and bacteria


  • Part of your nervous system is in your gut (called the Enteric Nervous System)
  • The gut signals certain things in brain — then stress often determines our desire food, how much to eliminate, crave, digest
  • Your digestive system produces more neurotransmitters than in the brain


  • A bacteria imbalance is linked to IBS, other bowel issues, food intolerances, yeast infections, asthma, allergies — and sometimes much more serious health problems
  • Ferments inhibit bad bacteria by promoting heathy bacteria growth


  • Ferments help the body create new enzymes


  • New vitamins/minerals, like B Vitamins and K2, are created
  • Stomach acid gets stimulated — which helps absorb minerals


  • Art of Real Food Fermentation has been used for centuries
  • It is safe — unlike canning, it can’t kill you — but still requires a clean environment for optimum growth


Soooooo many reasons.

In this series I am going to TEACH YOU how to make a plethora of fermented products. And it’s going to blow your mind. Step by step. Easy as can be.

Making Apple Fennel Daikon Sauerkraut

Making Apple Fennel Daikon Sauerkraut

And there are so many healthy things out there — maybe you didn’t even realize…

  • Fermented Soy: miso, tempeh
  • Fermented Milk (or Coconut Milk): yogurt, kefir, whey
  • Fermented Meat: corned beef, jerky, fish, fish sauce
  • Fermented Vegetables: sauerkraut, kimchi, root veggies, garlic, olives
  • Fermented Condiments: mayonnaise, salsa, ketchup, mustard, salad dressing
  • Fermented Beverages: kombucha, water kefir, gingerale, booze
  • Fermented Fruit: chutneys, preserved lemon, lime pickle
  • Fermented Grain: sourdough bread
Making Easy Lacto-Fermented Sauerkraut

Making Easy Lacto-Fermented Sauerkraut

I’m so excited. Let’s start here. With the easiest thing on earth. All that is required is cabbage and salt. And your hands and enthusiasm. So good. HERE: Easy Lacto-Fermented Sauerkraut. Learn how to make it, along with me, step-by-step.

Which fermented thing has got your parts tingling? Your excitement brewing? I’d love to know. Tell me in the comment section below. 

Making Kimchi

Making Kimchi