I’m here to celebrate. Celebrate growing older. To teach you how to age like a superstar.

But I’d like to start by saying a big ol’ eff you to the anti-aging industry. It’s a big and profitable business. And it’s massive. And it’s scary. And it WORKS. Just like the detox industry and the weight-loss industry and the fitness industry.

Anti-aging recipes, creams, make-up, detox programs, fitness programs, anti-aging fucking nylons.

“Foods to Fight Aging”. That’s the article I came across just today. And one similar almost daily.

But let’s think about this. We are all aging…no matter what…so… WHY ARE WE FIGHTING?

If we are aging + fighting then we are essentially enveloping the aging process in hate. And this process is happening no matter who you are. Instead of making it hateful, why not embrace it with grace? Reversing the aging process? Why? Who wants to go back? Yuck. No, thank you!

I decided to write this post because a friend sent me a message in a tither about an Anti-Aging Turmeric recipe she had come across and gave it the old “WTF?” She reminded me that it’s a massive business as evil as nestle bottled water. And nobody seems to care they are warping our minds and taking our money on the inevitable…aging.

Then she said: “I’m happy I’m aging because it means I’m fucking alive!”



Listening to other very beautiful friends discuss ‘getting work done’ honestly makes me lose my shit. Or maybe I don’t understand. Maybe I’m immature for my age (haha) or maybe the fact that I don’t give a shit helps a lot. And I eat real food (but not in a nazi way). And move my body (but not too aggressively). And I’ve worked really, really, REALLY hard to reduce the stress in my life (a work in progress). And embrace the goodness in my life and fill my heart with gratitude. And have changed my attitude. That shift has un-aged me, I swear to god.

I was at my very second Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) weekend and we were discussing flexibility versus strength. And this oh-so-brilliant woman in my group suggested this wonderful concept. As young women we are much more flexible in our bodies, but we are also much more flexible in our lives. And maybe we become less flexible in time, but our physical strength increases, and our mental agility and our wisdom compounds. Physical strength? Yeah. You have a baby…I swear to god you can do anything!

My worst fear…my biggest fear is not aging… It’s losing my strength and no longer appreciating the enormous wisdom I already have (so far). Strength and wisdom trumps being thin or beautiful. It IS goddamn beautiful. Aging is AMAZING! Each wrinkle contains an unlimited source knowledge and emotional strength.

Foods to Fight Aging? You mean foods to CELEBRATE AGING!! It goes without saying that we are warriors as we age. But that doesn’t mean we need to FIGHT. I’m sick of fighting — fighting to eat the best, move harder, work faster, look better…and passing that fight onto my kids. Life is not a battle.

As our appearances change and our bodies shift, a new beauty emerges. I would not give that back for anything — not reverse a single thing. Every single moment gets better. Forty fucking rules! I love being forty! And it’s a beginning. Not an end. (So screw you anti-aging encouragers.)

And you don’t want to JUST grow old. You want to grow old vibrantly. You want to be able to bend over and pick something up yourself if you drop it. You want to be able to slip and not break your bones. You want to make your own decisions, and have others come to you for your vast wisdom. You want your wrinkles to represent a good thing. Because aging is a good thing. And it’s going to happen anyway.

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AGE LIKE a SUPERSTAR with Food (and celebrate)

Seasonal Vegetables

Grab ’em from the market JUST harvested. Yep. They really ARE far superior to the stash from the grocery store. (And not more expensive.) They are also the MOST nutrient-rich experience you’re going to get from vegetables — rather than the anti-aging bullshit packaged food you get from Walmart, or the “organic greens” that deliver all the way from California. (How on earth do they take that long to wither? Must be an anti-aging “remedy”…)

Sea Veggies are not found at any local market here. They are the exception. SUUUUPER rich in minerals (more than anything else on earth) and crazy-important for hormone health (that ease the aging process a LOT). I want to embrace menopause, not run for the hills.

veggies 2

Fish (especially sardines) and Other Awesome Fat

Well…we all know about omega-3 fatty acids by now. They prevent the wrong kind of cholesterol from building up. They also support that big-ass brain of yours so you can continue making decisions that require your wisdom and strength.

You can find wonderful fat in avocados (though not local), which are also wicked high in fibre. And pastured eggs contain gorgeous yolk fat that is perfectly balanced with it’s high-protein egg white pairing.

Even animal fats are amazing, if the source of the fat (the animal) is healthy and vibrant. So…not animals conventionally raised. Instead, the pastured kind, that live a real life. These fats are awesome to cook with and don’t go rancid hardly ever. And they are food. REAL FOOD FATS.

Fats make you feel satiated (in your body AND your brain) so you can slowly burn your energy through the day, and through your life.

Good fats let your skin stay moist and happy. The age-wrinkles look plump and awesome. You know that aging person that kind of glows? They eat really good fat — and enough of it. Good fats are also necessary for your body to absorb the wonderful minerals you’re getting from all the other foods.

But there is a lot of fat out there that SUCKS the life out of you. That’s right. Some foods really do this. And crappy oils are what I’m talking about. The unsaturated fats we’ve been made to believe are healthy but are actually evil and rancid? Those ones. It causes the type of inflammation that your body does NOT want. And it assists in the production of free radicals and let’s them go at it.

pesto trout small

Sauerkraut & Other Raw Fermented Things

GREAT for the gut. So GREAT for your immune system. And GREAT for longevity. (What I mean by that is…by eating enough of this goodness, you’re going to gracefully age AND have amazing poops AND be able to fight off sickness and disease AND be happy in the process.)

When I say “raw”, I mean not pasteurized. So raw milk (or at least non-homogenized) is the best thing to turn into yogurt. And raw sauerkraut and kimchi can’t be heat-sealed after they’ve fermented. And kombucha, and the like, are best made at home (so you know what’s really in it).



Well…berries are low in sugar. All fruit is awesome. But if you’re going to eat fruit in massive abundance, the BEST kind are berries. And they’re packed with antioxidants, too. They turn your warrior wrinkles into pride wrinkles or wisdom wrinkles or happiness wrinkles. I love berries.

berry bowl 2


Umm…because it tastes good? I’m adding it here just for fun. And if you get the RIGHT kind that isn’t kah-kah for you, like the nasty anti-aging cookies from a package, then it does have some wonderful benefits (other than the joy it gives you to eat it). Its antioxidants help support the aging process by protecting you from free radicals. (Notice my wording here… no fighting.)

Guilt Free Holiday Chocolate | Nourish Real Food

And while we are having fun…


Not a food. But I want to discuss it, because I know someone who doesn’t smile because she’s afraid it’ll create more wrinkles on her face. What?

Smiling actually decreases stress and infuses your soul with goodness and makes sunshine practically come out your ass — and creates smile lines that look glorious, and helps mould those beautiful smile crinkles around your eyes, that my daughter has. (My son’s sweet-smile-spot are his dimples.)

And of course the most Pro-Aging Things of all:

Less Stress (in all forms)

Smart, Safe, Gentle, Strong Movement (yoga)

Dry Brushing (and cool self-care techniques)


It’s time we appreciated OURSELVES as MUCH as we do old barn board…or a decent aged wine… except we need to do this is a very real, even better way.

Let’s celebrate growing older!!! Let’s have a party and age like a superstar. You’re all invited.

Sara xo

I’d love for you to leave a comment on YOUR thoughts… What do you think of the “anti-aging” products/advertising/b.s. that we are surrounded by? What would you like to see change? How can we take this on for ourselves? I’d love to know… 🙂