I am Sara Bradford. And I have a secret…

Even though I worked online as a nutritionist for almost ten years, I have worked in the restaurant industry for ALMOST THIRTY YEARS. In and out, but yes — what a crazy fact. It’s an industry I’ve fallen in love with, over and over.

So when I recognized I had a passion for the food, photography, writing part of my business… but I no longer felt an alignment with the world of “holistic nutrition” — I knew it was time to make a big shift.

Boy am I glad I did. Woot.

I love to create content. I particularly love to create food-related content. And I’m darn good at it.

What took me down this road is not so different than the road I started on.

I love food. And…

I know how to capture beautiful, delicious-looking food images because I have a deep passion for food, in general, and understand how to capture the heart of a dish — as well as a food brand.

With 30 years of experience within this industry, I understand the language and lifestyle of a restaurant or food & beverage establishment. I’ve come to understand what makes a food establishment tick — and I know my way around.

I have years of experience creating juicy food images that make customer’s mouths water.

The past ten years I have been nutrition-food blogging, creating gorgeous, visually interactive nutrition programs, cookbooks, and running my own social media accounts. This has helped me developed a deep passion for creating mouth-watering content — and made me very good at it.

My world has always centred around food — and I have a multitude of experience beyond the restaurant and online nutrition world:

—> Extensively eating and cooking all over, while travelling and living throughout the world

—> Managing a massive organic farm, farm market, culinary kid camps, and harvest events

—> Organizing large food events and festivals

—> Planning and leading cooking classes

—> Teaching essential food photography skills and social media marketing to nutrition students at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

—> I had my own TV show on preparing kid lunches

—> Authored multiple digital cookbooks

—> I’ve been interviewed multitudes of times on CBC radio


I take a mature approach to what you need, from the experience I have gained. And I’m on trend enough to speak the right language. I am the “ultimate foodie”. I relate to it, and understand ingredients. I understand what is delicious because I know what people want to eat.

Besides…I’m awfully fun to work with. (Because a good sense of humour is everything.)

Let me help you create your social content — by making it beautiful and smart. 

Because you want:

  • mouthwatering images that helps you stand out above the rest 
  • a better represented brand 
  • to get more clients and customers


Contact me HERE for your beautiful proposal and to get your questions answered.

I grew up in a Cheez Whiz culture.

Surrounded by kids eating peanut butter white bread sandwiches to school… and wagon wheels… and leftover KFC. It was different in our house. Everything was made there. And as annoyed as I was about it then, I’m equally grateful for it now. 

I bet they didn’t spend hours in the garden, up to their eyeballs in mud, yanking carrots and rhubarb from the ground, and shoving it into their mouths, dirt and all.

My love of real food has been ingrained.

I am definitely walking the food road in my new business. But my nutrition world brought endless entertainment (and education) to the masses. 

Have a boo at my Blog Archives if you’re up to reading silly stories and discovering delightful recipes. (I have a new restaurant focused health blog COMING SOON.)

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